Sep 05, 2023 454

"az" national domain celebrates 30 years!


".az", the national domain of Azerbaijan, was first launched on August 25, 1993. This domain has been representing the national segment of our country in the global Internet network for 30 years. So far, 39,617 websites have been registered in the .az domain.

Azerbaijan's national domain, .az, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary since its establishment on August 25, 1993. Over these three decades, .az has become a vital component of Azerbaijan's presence on the global internet stage, hosting a total of 39,617 websites. Registering a .az domain comes at a fee of approximately 23 US dollars, or around 39 Azerbaijani manats.

These country-specific domains, recognized by their two-letter codes, signify individual nations or autonomous regions, aligning with "ISO 3166-1 alpha-2" country codes. In total, there are 243 country internet codes, each governed by the rules established by its respective country. Some countries permit external users to register domains under their code, while others maintain exclusivity.

Notably, domain names are not objects of ownership; they cannot be bought or sold outright. Domain transfers exclusively occur through written customer requests. In recent years, with the surge in internet popularity, domain-related transactions and abuses have increased. To combat this, mechanisms and tools were developed. Presently, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport collaborates with the Cabinet of Ministers to oversee the national domain ".az," ensuring its proper functioning and integrity.