Sep 05, 2023 603

Trendyol opened to Gulf countries after Germany and Azerbaijan


According to the information conveyed by Trendyol, the company aims to enable Turkish manufacturers and sellers to enter the Gulf market.

Trendyol, a prominent figure in the Turkish e-commerce arena, has announced its strategic move into the Gulf countries, continuing its e-export journey that commenced with Germany and Azerbaijan. The objective behind this expansion, as stated by Trendyol, is to facilitate Turkish producers and sellers' access to the Gulf market.

Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin, shared insights into their Gulf foray, disclosing that the journey begins with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The company recently launched English websites and applications tailored for these countries, with plans to soon integrate an Arabic option.

Trendyol's paramount aim is to bridge the gap between customers in the Gulf region and Turkish producers and sellers. According to Çağlayan Çetin, their goal is to reach 4.5 million customers in this region by 2024.

Trendyol celebrated its first year in the German market, marking remarkable progress. Çetin also noted their impressive tally of over 36 million products sold internationally since 2021.

As a testament to the promising start, Trendyol garnered nearly 2,500 orders within five days of launching in Dubai, with an operational warehouse in the city serving international functions, particularly for returns from the Gulf region. Furthermore, Çetin highlighted that more than one million customers have accessed over 200 Turkish brands in Germany through Trendyol, while their expansion journey also reached Azerbaijan in May. Stay tuned for updates on Trendyol's e-export venture.