Sep 05, 2023 601

Craftgate received $1 million investment from Hepsiburada and D4 Ventures


Craftgate's $1 million investment came from Hepsiburada and D4 Ventures, which are among the most important players in the e-commerce market in our country.

In a continuation of its growth trajectory, cloud-based payment gateway Craftgate has announced a new investment after just over a year since securing a $2 million seed investment led by APY Ventures in June last year. This time, Craftgate has received a $1 million investment, with contributions from two significant players in the Turkish e-commerce scene, Hepsiburada and D4 Ventures.

The freshly secured $1 million investment is earmarked for enhancing marketing initiatives and fueling further growth. Hepsiburada's interest in Craftgate is rooted in its aim to expedite the growth of its e-commerce partners.

Founded in 2021 by Hakan Erdoğan, Lemi Orhan Ergin, Sabri Onur Tüzün, and Murathan Özcan, Craftgate offers a unified platform for businesses to seamlessly manage their Virtual POS, contracted payment/e-money institutions, and alternative payment methods. It empowers businesses with greater financial flexibility.

Craftgate boasts a range of features, including central integration, card storage, one-click payment, marketplace solutions, closed-circuit wallet, payment forms, common payment pages, payment links, QR codes, smart and dynamic payment routing, and proactive monitoring.

Craftgate's CEO, Hakan Erdoğan, expressed their intent to employ the investment to expand the team, bolster marketing efforts, and focus on sales activities. He emphasized their rapid growth and their global aspirations, leveraging the support of investors like Hepsiburada and D4 Ventures, who have faith in their payment systems and products.

Erkin Aydın, CEO of Hepsiburada Financial Services, highlighted Craftgate's strategic significance in accelerating their growth strategies in e-commerce and payment solutions markets. He noted that Craftgate's payment orchestration streamlines market access and contributes significantly to the digitization of commerce, reinforcing their vision of becoming a leading fintech player in Turkey.