Sep 20, 2023 635

Fintech Turan launches money transfer service from Turkey to Georgia


Turan , which increased its international money transfer volume in a short time after the Azerbaijan initiative , announced that it added Georgia to its transfer network. Turan, which recently completed its 100% digital money transfer integration from Turkey to Georgia, started its financial activities in 2 countries in a very short time.

Following its expansion into Azerbaijan, which rapidly increased the volume of international money transfers, Turan has announced the integration of Georgia into its money transfer network. In recent days, Turan successfully completed 100% digital money transfer integration from Turkey to Georgia, thus initiating its financial operations in two countries in a very short time.

Turan, which has revolutionized the process of money transfers between Central Asia and especially Turkic States through digital means, made its initial expansion with Azerbaijan in February. Turan not only facilitates various financial transactions for Turkish compatriots residing in Turkey but also enables instant money transfers from Turkey to Azerbaijan with the lowest commission fees.

Financial Border Between Turkey and Georgia Goes Digital Turan Founder Özgür Bayraktar commented on Turan's expansion into Georgia, stating:

"With Turan, we have added a new financial route to our money transfer corridor to countries in Central Asia, and this time, it's with Georgia. We are excited and happy to have digitized the financial border between Turkey and Georgia. Moreover, we will offer all transfer processes without any commission fees for a certain period. In the coming periods, our targets will be Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Our efforts are now in the final stages. Besides these two countries, we will also introduce some surprises to our users in the near future."

Turan aims to become the largest financial application for Turkic States with investments received in 2022 and 2023. Having started its journey in Turkey, Turan intends to expand its services to other Turkic States such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan in a short period.