Sep 20, 2023 735

Azerbaijan Showcases Its Tech Innovation at World-Renowned TechCrunch Disrupt Event


Azerbaijan's tech prowess shines on the global stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, highlighting innovation and international recognition.

Many of you may be familiar with TechCrunch, one of the world's largest technology and startup media outlets. To be more precise, it's a global powerhouse with over 17 million monthly unique visitors and last year alone, it generated revenue exceeding $22.5 million.

TechCrunch is renowned for its TechCrunch Disrupt event, an annual gathering that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists from around the world to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the technology sector. What's particularly exciting this year is that Azerbaijan, proudly displayed in large letters as "Azerbaijan," had its own pavilion at this international event, which took place in San Francisco, a place known for being home to innovators from all walks of life. TechCrunch Disrupt is among the leading and most influential events in the field of technology. The event is considered the "TechCrunch Disrupt 2023," and for Azerbaijan, it's a source of immense pride.

TechCrunch Disrupt consistently maintains its influence as one of the world's leading events in the technology industry. It attracts the brightest minds and most promising startups from various corners of the globe. Startups like Recepta, E-Legal, Senpex, and Voiceloft are participating, with the goal of facilitating their entry into the global market. Notably, Inara Valiyeva, the head of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, also presented at the event. Moreover, a broad delegation, including Farrukh Ali, the head of PASHA Holding's innovation program, represented Azerbaijan in the Azerbaijan pavilion, sponsored by PASHA Holding.

It's worth mentioning that the three best startups, winners of the Startup Battle at The International MeetUp event, also had the opportunity to participate in a U.S. roadshow for TechCrunch Disrupt, sponsored by PASHA Holding.

In these challenging times for our country, it's remarkable that even from a distance of 11,000 km, in a place as influential as the United States, we can contribute to Azerbaijan's value. This emphasizes not only Azerbaijan's technological progress but also its ability to shine on the international stage. Recognition and success on the global technological front highlight our country's courage and achievements, and this achievement in America says a lot about our capabilities in the technology sector.