Sep 20, 2023 866

Redbox Cohort 2 Finalize their journeys!


Excitement is building as Redbox Cohort 2 prepares to shine on Demo Day. After 12 weeks of intensive guidance, these innovators are ready to showcase their groundbreaking projects. Special thanks to Farrukh Aliyev for imparting pitch-perfect wisdom. Mark your calendars for September 28th!

The anticipation is building as Redbox Cohort 2, after an intense 12-week journey, gets ready to showcase their innovative projects on Demo Day, scheduled for September 28th.

As the program nears its conclusion, the participants have undergone rigorous mentorship and guidance. Mentors have meticulously reviewed their financials, ensuring that the budding entrepreneurs are on the right track for success.

One of the highlights of this phase was a special session led by Farrukh Aliyev. Farrukh shared invaluable insights on the art of the pitch, equipping the cohort with the skills needed to communicate their ideas and vision effectively.

Stay tuned for Demo Day on September 28th, where these talented entrepreneurs will take the stage to showcase their groundbreaking projects and ideas. It promises to be an event filled with creativity, passion, and the promise of a brighter future.