Oct 04, 2023 566

Azerbaijan was represented at the world's leading event "TechCrunch Disrupt"


It should be noted that "TechCrunch Disrupt" is considered the world's largest startup event. The event brings together the best and brightest startups, investors, technology enthusiasts.

Note that "TechCrunch Disrupt" is considered one of the world's largest startup events, bringing together the best and brightest startups, investors, and technology enthusiasts. The event took place in San Francisco, USA, from September 19th to 21st, and featured the participation of Inara Valiyeva, the head of the agency, along with other representatives, local startups, and technology media, all of whom represented Azerbaijan extensively. Additionally, visitors from many countries around the world visited the "Azerbaijan" pavilion during the event, which was sponsored by "PASHA Holding" and ranked among the most visited pavilions.

On the first day of the event, Inara Valiyeva, the head of IRIA, spoke in a panel session titled "Digital Silk Road: The Path from Central Asia to Silicon Valley." The session featured participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and Inara Valiyeva highlighted the agency's work and Azerbaijan's innovation landscape. She emphasized the agency's main approaches: creating a favorable environment for local and foreign ICT companies, investing in human capital, and supporting the ecosystem that fosters startups' progress in all directions. She also noted that their mission is not only to bring Azerbaijan closer to technological and innovative progress but also to lead innovation in the region and ensure its continuous growth and competitiveness on the international stage.

During the event, Azerbaijani startups represented their projects to a wide audience. Ideas from startups such as "E-LEGAL," "CodeAny," "Recepta," "Voiceloft," "Senpex," "GrowthChannel," "PolygrafAI," and "Neuroil" were of great interest to investors and other representatives of the foreign ecosystem, and potential collaboration formats were discussed with some companies. As part of the trip, on September 21st, a meeting was held in collaboration with the Azerbaijani Technology Diaspora and the "Silkroad Innovation Hub." The meeting featured the participation of nearly 60 Azerbaijanis living and working in the ICT sector in the United States. During the meeting, Inara Valiyeva, the head of IRIA, Igor Ovcharenko, the innovation director of IRIA, and Mammad Karim, the founder of "Caucasus Ventures," participated in a panel session. Here, participants were provided with information about the agency's work in the ICT and innovation sectors and the development of the startup and investment environment. The efforts of the "Silkroad Innovation Hub" to unite Turkic countries in the digital field and create a unified center were highly appreciated, and the importance of joint activities in these directions was emphasized.

It is worth noting that the "Silkroad Innovation Hub" supports startups and entrepreneurs from Central Asia in establishing or expanding their own enterprises in Silicon Valley and the U.S. market.