Oct 04, 2023 439

"Data Talks" event organised by Kapital Bank took place!


As we have already mentioned, Kapital Bank, together with the company "SUP.VC", has launched unique events related to the current topic of the modern age - the database. The first event in the format of "Data Talks" of the project, which will cover 6 events until the end of the year, has been completed.

Kapital Bank, the country's leading financial institution, has initiated a series of innovative events in collaboration with "SUP.VC" company, focusing on the vital topic of data management. The inaugural event, "Data Talks," marked the start of a six-event series scheduled to continue until the year's end. Renad Jafarov, the leader of Kapital Bank's Data Management Transformation Center, opened the event by highlighting the bank's successful journey in data transformation. He emphasized the bank's commitment to sharing its valuable expertise with those eager to excel in the field.

The event featured Kamran Agayev, an esteemed expert with over two decades of experience in managing high-performance databases, recognized as an "Oracle ACE Director" by the "Oracle" company. His presentation delved into the creation and efficient management of high-performance databases, offering insights into setup procedures and problem-solving strategies.

With over 100 participants, including data professionals and enthusiasts, the event fostered knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. Kapital Bank's dedication to data-driven decision-making and security has positioned it as a leading institution in this crucial field. This project will continue with five more events by year-end, featuring international experts alongside local specialists, aiming to enhance data management knowledge and skills.