Oct 04, 2023 715

According to Google search trends, all digital jobs are now searched for "with artificial intelligence..."


Search interest in artificial intelligence in Turkey has reached an all-time high, according to new search trends released by Google. These trends show that more AI searches were conducted in Turkey in 2023 than ever before, with interest increasing 230 percent since last year and 1,200 percent in the last decade.

According to the latest search trends released by Google, interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in Turkey has reached an all-time high. The trends indicate that there has been an unprecedented surge in AI-related searches in Turkey in 2023, with a 230% increase in interest compared to the previous year and a remarkable 1200% increase over the past decade.

AI has captivated imaginations worldwide, offering new opportunities to significantly improve countless lives. In our rapidly advancing technological landscape, opportunities in AI continue to emerge. Google is committed to maximizing the potential of AI while adhering to principles that promote responsible and bold use of this transformative technology.

In Turkey, users are turning to Google Search not only to better understand AI but also to enhance their productivity, ignite their creativity, and advance their careers by harnessing AI's capabilities. Searches related to AI, such as "creating a CV with AI," have surged by over 5000% this year, reflecting a growing interest in utilizing AI for various purposes, from music composition to website creation and text generation.

These trends underscore the increasing enthusiasm of the Turkish population for AI, with searches related to career development through AI, such as "how to become an AI expert," experiencing an 180% increase. Google remains dedicated to promoting responsible AI use and continues to collaborate and prioritize technology's societal benefit