Oct 04, 2023 705

The winners of "PASHA Hackathon 3.0" have been announced!


PASHA Hackathon 3.0: A Thrilling Showcase of Innovation and Ingenuity, Unleashing Fresh Ideas and Recognizing Outstanding Talent in Tech Solutions!

The eagerly anticipated "PASHA Hackathon 3.0," organized in collaboration with "Hackquarters," has successfully concluded. This 48-hour competition, aimed at inspiring new ideas, brought together students, business and marketing experts, designers, and coders to address existing business challenges and foster fresh concepts, notably supported by Umico Market. Individuals passionate about or working in this field gathered at the hackathon to explore innovative business ideas and create their unique concepts.ts in the competition!

From September 29 to October 1, "PASHA Hackathon 3.0" unfolded with more than 35 highly specialized mentors offering significant support to idea creators. After the recent "pitching session," these mentors engaged closely with the teams during "mentoring sessions," creating an immersive experience of collaboration. The day concluded with a ceremony showcasing the final video presentations of the ideas and the awarding of certificates.

The last day witnessed a pivotal moment – the selection of finalist teams and the subsequent demoday presentations followed by the evaluation by the judging panel. Following these events, the winning teams, including the award ceremony, took place.

Today, the official announcement of the "PASHA Hackathon 3.0" winners is here. Among the 20 teams that successfully completed the hackathon, aimed at bringing together innovators to find solutions to specific problems and issues, the top 3 teams have won cash prizes. The first-place winner, the Arbitage team, received 6,000 AZN, the second-place team, Spark, won 4,000 AZN, and the third-place team, Codage, received 2,000 AZN as awards. Additionally, each of these three teams earned the right to participate in the InMerge Innovation Summit.

The judging criteria for this evaluation focused on the originality and innovativeness of the solutions presented during the hackathon. Judges carefully reviewed proposals that displayed a unique approach to problem-solving. Concepts introducing creative solutions and thinking outside the box were recognized and rewarded in this category.

"PASHA Hackathon 3.0" successfully brought together local tech communities from major cities to create viable and innovative business ideas and product concepts. Simultaneously, it supported the creation of new business opportunities in the sector, expediting their entry into the market. Congratulations to the hackathon winners, celebrated for their innovative spirit and accomplishmen