Oct 18, 2023 643

On the initiative of IRIA and spnsoring PASHA Holding, "Holberton school" has started to operate in Azerbaijan!


On October 6 , the opening ceremony of the world's prestigious school chain ""Holberton School"", which began teaching in Azerbaijan under the initiative of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and the sponsorship of the ""PASHA Holding"" Group of Companies , took place.

On October 6th, Azerbaijan launched the prestigious "Holberton School," a leading global network of schools for education and innovation, with the initiative led by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and sponsored by "PAŞA Holding" Group.

The opening ceremony witnessed the participation of Inara Veliyeva, the Head of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency; Florian Busch, the CEO of Holberton School; and representatives of partner institutions. During the event, students were introduced to the Holberton School's overall methodology and what they can expect throughout their educational journey.

Inara Veliyeva highlighted the role of influential schools' networks in Azerbaijan, saying, "Today marks the beginning of a new era in ICT education in Azerbaijan. Sixty bright minds have the opportunity to receive education within this school network. This collaboration will be a significant gift to enhancing the country's potential in the ICT sector. We hope that, through this initiative, specialized professionals will find their rightful place in the job market."

Holberton, specializing in computer science and software engineering, initiates a new educational program in Azerbaijan. The Holberton School Network offers high-quality technology programs in Silicon Valley, providing practical and innovative teaching methodologies for ICT education.

The program provides tuition-free education using a peer-to-peer learning method. This approach allows students to teach in a team-based setting, fostering effective program adoption and communication with other students.

Over 2,000 people registered during the enrollment period. Out of the 60 who were selected for the program, 27% are women, and 73% are male candidates. They all received full tuition coverage. The average age among the selected 60 students is 22.

During the course of the educational program, classes will be held in-person, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, every day. After the initial nine months, students, having acquired fundamental skills in computer science, can work as junior software engineers or apply for one of six specializations provided by the program: machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, low-level and algorithms, full-stack, front-end, and back-end programming.

For more detailed information about the program, you can visit holbertonschool.com.