Oct 18, 2023 720

"Viveka Mentorship Program" and "Viveka Company Creation Program" successfully completed!


We have successfully completed offline sessions of ""Viveka Mentorship Program"" and ""Viveka Company Creation Program"" initiated by IRIA and sponsored by ""PASHA Holding"" .

"IRIA's initiative and "PASHA Holding's" sponsorship have successfully concluded the online sessions of the "Viveka Mentorship Program" and "Viveka Company Creation Program."

The "Viveka Mentorship Program" commenced with its first online sessions on September 5-6, featuring more than 20 mentor candidates. These sessions took place at the Azerbaijan-French University. In total, mentor candidates from higher education institutions in Azerbaijan, including Azerbaijan State University of Economics, ADA University, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Baku Higher Oil School, the State Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Medical University, and the National Aviation Academy, were selected to participate from among numerous applicants. During these sessions, participants engaged in both local and global entrepreneurship ecosystem training sessions focusing on fundamental principles.

Continuing with another series of online sessions this week, we carried out sessions of the "Viveka Company Creation Program." This program mainly caters to university students and recent graduates planning to venture into startup entrepreneurship or seeking to advance their existing startups.

More than 30 startup teams, selected through the application process, obtained the privilege to participate in this program. During the online sessions held at Azerbaijan-French University, participants received theoretical and practical training on building a startup business model, selecting customers, marketing, and creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In the workshops held during the sessions, Viveka mentors individually supported participant startups and answered their questions.

With this, the online sessions of both programs by the "Viveka" company have concluded, while online sessions continue."