Oct 18, 2023 843

2 Azerbaijani startups were selected for the 5th group of 500 Global Georgia acceleration!


Azerbaijani startups are beginning to be recognized globally. So, 2 more Azerbaijani startups Beep and Perkskit 500 were selected for the 5th group of Global Georgia acceleration.

"Azerbaijani startups are gaining global recognition. In a recent development, two Azerbaijani startups, Beep and Perkskit, have been selected for the 5th batch of the 500 Global Georgia accelerator. Notably, among the 10 startups selected for the 5th batch of the 500 Global Accelerator, two are Azerbaijani, covering sectors including AdTech, HR, FinTech, E-commerce, and Travel. Azerbaijani startups have been increasingly selected and supported at various global events, and Beep and Perkskit are the latest additions to this trend.

Beep is a startup that simplifies visual feedback and task sharing for teams by allowing them to add comments directly to the page. It also ensures more effective use of social networks by teams. The main goal of this startup is to enable users to switch between pages quickly without ever leaving the page. With all these features, Beep offers more efficient team collaboration for businesses.

On the other hand, Perkskit suggests that there is a great opportunity to change the corporate benefits system and help employees feel more appreciated. They offer companies a chance to maximize their HR resources and streamline the employee experience to increase core business benefits. In this way, companies save money by eliminating unutilized benefits from their budgets, while employees can select only what they need. As a result, they can easily reach their target audience.

Previously, we shared news about several Azerbaijani startups like Voiceloft, Glorri, and Murmur being accepted into the 500 Global Startups Accelerator program. The inclusion of Beep and Perkskit into the 500 Global Accelerator program, founded by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai in 2010, adds to the positive trend."