Oct 18, 2023 499

Public transport in Nakhchivan is moving to cashless payment


In the city of Nakhchivan, payment using bank cards and NFC technologies will be introduced.

"Public transportation in Nakhchivan City will soon implement payments using bank cards and NFC technology.

Elchin Aliyev, the head of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, announced this development. He mentioned that for the first time in Nakhchivan, as part of a pilot project, contactless and secure payments in public transportation will be made using bank cards. Initially, state-of-the-art device validators have been installed on a bus, allowing payments with any bank card equipped with contactless payment capabilities. This means that passengers won't need to acquire additional cards.

Furthermore, there is an option known as "Inkart" offered by a local bank. If your bank card is not loaded with funds, you can top up the "Inkart" at the bus terminal. When obtaining this card, you pay 2 manat, and 1 manat is automatically loaded onto the card. People can make payments with their salary or pension cards as well. The full implementation of "Inkart" on all buses in Nakhchivan City is planned by the end of October. One of the advantages of "Inkart" is its mobile application, allowing users to conveniently top up their balance and track their payment history. The project aims to increase cashless transactions, contactless card operations, and minimize cash circulation," he stated.

Moreover, the head of the administration noted that the project's next stage includes implementing it in taxis: "For this, we need to have discussions with drivers and carry out the project without any conflicts based on mutual agreements. Payments in taxis will be possible with any bank card using a cashless approach."