Oct 18, 2023 971

Redbox cohort 3 has started!


Redbox Cohort 3 is here with 22 teams. Their journey started with defining problems and innovation. Cohort 4 applications are open. Stay tuned for their amazing work!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new RedBox program Cohort, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for several teams. This journey commenced with a comprehensive orientation session, where we introduced the program's core aspects, set expectations for the upcoming experience, and shared valuable insights gleaned from previous cohorts.

Tugra Musayeva, a Senior Specialist at Innovation Stream, initiated this session by providing the teams with an in-depth overview of the program's structure, the values it embraces, anticipated outcomes, and the robust support system that underpins it. Following Tugra, Farrukh Aliyev, the head of Innovations, shared his perspectives on active participation and the vast learning opportunities that await the participants in the RedBox program.

In the following segment, one of our esteemed mentors, Huseyn Mahmudov, Chapter Lead at Pasha Insurance, emphasized the essence and significance of mentorship within the program. To conclude this enlightening session, we had the privilege of hosting Rauf Heydarov, an alumnus of the RedBox program, who generously shared his invaluable lessons and personal experiences.

During this inaugural week, we conducted our first workshop led by Yury Filayov, Deputy-CEO, and CPO at PashaPay. Yury delved into the critical importance of teams having a clear understanding of the problems they intend to solve right from the program's outset. In this workshop, teams honed their skills in creating Lean canvases and conducting customer interviews, among other crucial activities.

While the path ahead promises its share of challenges, these teams are well-prepared to confront them head-on. Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that applications for Cohort 4 are now open. If you or someone you know is passionate about innovation, we encourage you to join us on this transformative journey.

Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates from RedBox Cohort 3, and let's look forward to the incredible innovations they will bring to life.