Oct 18, 2023 1106

Bluebox continue to meet international mentors


Our founders are on an exciting journey with BlueBox, learning from top experts to refine their innovations. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates!

Our founders are actively engaged in the enriching experience of the BlueBox program. They have been participating in a series of workshops, one-on-one sessions, and collaborative brainstorming with world-class experts. In recent weeks, our teams had the privilege of meeting with Sarmad Ahmad to explore the implementation of low-code solutions in their projects. Sarmad, who brings over a decade of experience from his tenure at P&G, along with a remarkable history of founding successful startups and currently overseeing one of the largest HealthTech ventures in the MENA region, Saaya Health, shared his valuable insights generously. His feedback has been instrumental in guiding the teams to refine their concepts to the MVP level.

Furthermore, teams had the opportunity to engage with Gaelle Bou Abdo, a Professor at IE Business School, Co-founder of Ivy&Company, and an Innovation Manager at Nestle. Gaelle conducted assessments of the current status of our projects and worked closely with our teams to craft comprehensive roadmaps for gaining traction and validating their concepts.

Our most recent meeting featured Sandjiv Chanemougame, a serial entrepreneur responsible for the success of several thriving companies. During this session, Sandjiv conducted a meticulous analysis of the business models and pricing strategies within our projects, providing invaluable insights on how to develop effective monetization strategies.

These meetings are going beyond the scope of mere advice; they are providing clear roadmaps for future success. As our journey unfolds, stay tuned for further updates on our progress in the BlueBox program. We encourage you to keep an eye out for more exciting BlueBox news!