Oct 18, 2023 580

The founder of Women in Tech Global, Ayumi Moore Aoki, is coming to Baku!


Exciting news for tech enthusiasts in Baku! Ayumi Moore Aoki, the visionary founder of Women in Tech Global, is joining the InMerge Innovation Summit. This event, sponsored by PAŞA Holding with the support of Trendyol Group and Tedroid Media, is all about using technology to drive change. Ayumi's mission to empower women in STEAM fields promises to inspire. Get your tickets now with a 10% discount from Tedroid Media and stay tuned for more updates!

Another prominent figure will participate in the InMerge Innovation Summit to share their experiences and ideas with the public. Ayumi Moore Aoki, the founder and CEO of Women in Tech Global, is coming to Baku. This event, in which Tedroid Media is a media partner, is committed to making positive and lasting changes through technology. Ayumi, a social entrepreneur and visionary leader, is dedicated to empowering women and girls in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Notably, Women in Tech Global, headquartered in Paris and active in 45 countries, has over 200,000 members and aims to empower 5 million women and girls in STEAM by 2030.

Having played a pivotal role in the Women in Tech movement and consistently achieved success on this path, Ayumi Moore Aoki will participate in the InMerge Innovation Summit. She will specifically address technology enthusiasts, particularly women, to share her successes in this field and touch on intriguing topics. Organized by PAŞA Holding with the support of Trendyol Group, the InMerge Innovation Summit aims to bring together corporate innovators, leading technology companies, leaders, startups, and investors, fostering transformation in their respective domains. The summit is open to anyone wishing to promote transformation in their fields, integrate innovation into their ecosystems, and enhance themselves through strategic networking.

In addition to Ayumi Moore Aoki, the event will feature other notable figures such as Çağlayan Çetin, the CEO of Trendyol, David Hardoon, CEO of UnionBank of Flippin, Klaus Müller, the CEO of Bakcell, Michael Ringel, a famous TED speaker, Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, and JB Straubel, one of the co-founders of Tesla. Other participants will include Farid Huseynov, CEO of Kapital Bank, Mammad Kerim, the Managing Partner of Caucasus Ventures, and Jalal Gasimov, CEO of PAŞA Holding. Overall, the summit will cover discussions in various sectors such as E-commerce, Fintech, Telecom, Artificial Intelligence, Insurtech, and Energy.

To participate in the summit, secure your tickets between November 30 and December 1 at the Baku Congress Center. Additionally, Tedroid Media is offering a special 10% discount for its viewers. When purchasing your ticket on the iTicket website, enter the promo code InT1RMerge0 to avail of the discount. Secure your spot now, as there are many exciting surprises to come!