Nov 01, 2023 720

Azerbaijani startups at GITEX Global!


With the support of Innovation and Digital Development Agency and PASHA Holding, Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem was represented at the world's largest startup event "GITEX GLOBAL 2023".

With the support of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and PAŞA Holding, the Azerbaijani startup ecosystem made a remarkable appearance at the world's largest startup event, "GITEX GLOBAL 2023," held in Dubai last week. The event witnessed participants from 170 countries around the globe. Startups and representatives from all corners of the world showcased their products and services at this international gathering.

A delegation representing the Innovation and Digital Development Agency (IRIA) actively participated in the GITEX GLOBAL 2023 International Technology Exhibition. The delegation included Inara Veliyeva, the head of IRIA, Shahin Aliyev, the advisor to the head, Rəşad Xaliqov, the deputy head of IRIA, Igor Ovcharenko, the leader of innovation, and Loukas Tzitzis, the leader of international business development.

The leadership team of IRIA conducted several meetings to strengthen international collaboration and participated in events upon invitations from influential companies and organizations. Furthermore, the head of PAŞA Holding's innovation program, Farrukh Aliyev, was present at the event. He engaged in discussions with startups, investors, and other ecosystem representatives.

Notably, Azerbaijani startups like BONPARA, imajin, and SchoolPlus.az, who are leading players in our local ecosystem, attracted significant attention from international delegates at the event. The startups also had the chance to meet with potential investors during GITEX GLOBAL 2023, exploring various avenues for collaboration and growth.