Nov 01, 2023 580

Azerbaijan was represented at the "Digital Bridge" event held in Kazakhstan!


"The delegation of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency participated in the ""Digital Bridge"" technology event on October 12-13. "

On the 12th and 13th of October, representatives from Azerbaijan's Innovation and Digital Development Agency (IRIA) participated in the "Digital Bridge" technology event. This gathering attracted over 20,000 participants, including representatives from more than 300 ICT companies and over 100 investors, creating opportunities for collaboration and partnership with delegates from various countries and businesses.

The IRIA delegation took part in panel sessions and roundtable discussions on topics like "Accelerating Digital Transformation with GOVSTACK," "UN Insights into E-Government Trends," and "Empowering Governments: Data-Driven Governance and National Artificial Intelligence." These discussions highlighted the essential trends in e-government and emphasized the importance of using data-driven, artificial intelligence-supported systems to engage users and evaluate services. At the event, IRIA's representatives explored stands related to GovTech, SaaS, FinTech, Creative Economy, Artificial Intelligence, and E-commerce, exchanging experiences with delegates from different countries and discussing potential collaboration formats.

In the framework of IRIA's "Roadshow" initiative, aimed at enhancing local startups' opportunities to enter the global market, five startups from Azerbaijan - A-Truck, Hepard, Plustechfy, Taskilled, and Safavy - participated in the "Digital Bridge" event. These startups presented their ideas to an international audience and engaged in meetings with various investors and venture funds.

During the event, the IRIA delegation visited the technopark located at "Astana Hub," gaining insights into the residency process and company-related information. Additionally, meetings were held with resident technoparks from other countries, fostering exchanges of ideas and experiences.