Nov 01, 2023 995

Bluebox teams had a meeting professors from IE Business School.


Our BlueBox program recently hosted Professor Alex Barrera from IE Business School, an expert in data-driven business decision-making, who emphasized the importance of asking the right questions for effective data-based decisions.

We are thrilled to share the latest highlights from our BlueBox program, where our dedicated teams are continually expanding their horizons and gaining valuable insights. In our most recent meeting, we had the privilege of hosting Professor Alex Barrera from IE Business School.

Professor Alex is a renowned expert in the field of business decision-making with data. During our session, he delved into the critical topic of making informed decisions in the business world, armed with the power of data.

One of the core themes of this meeting revolved around the art of asking the right questions. Professor Alex guided our teams on how to frame inquiries that lead to the most accurate and impactful answers. This skill is paramount in data-driven decision-making and has far-reaching implications for our budding entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the session featured captivating case studies from industry giants like Google and Pinterest. These real-world examples provided concrete illustrations of how data-driven decisions can transform businesses, underscored by practical applications. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as our BlueBox teams further sharpen their skills and knowledge on their journey to entrepreneurial success.