Nov 14, 2023 744

A day without the Internet will result in the world economy losing 43 billion dollars!


So, according to the research of the AtlasRN source, if there is no Internet in the world for just 1 day, the world economy will lose 43 billion dollars.

Today, the internet not only constitutes an integral part of our lives but also forms the foundation of the world economy. According to research from the AtlasPN source, the global economy would lose $43 billion if there were no internet for just one day. In general, the internet has become an indispensable tool for the economy. A brief interruption in the internet, even for a few minutes, can seriously harm various economic sectors, disrupt people's daily lives, and directly influence their opinions.

It's noteworthy that research indicates the world economy could incur a loss of $43 billion if there were no internet for a single day. Interestingly, nearly half of this figure, $21 billion, is attributed to the United States and China. Specifically, the United States would lose $11 billion, and China would incur an estimated $10 billion in damages if the internet were unavailable for a day. These figures are not surprising because many industries, businesses, and organizations generate revenue through the internet today, and the focal points are considered to be the United States and China. Therefore, a day without internet would affect the United States and China the most.

It should be noted that besides the United States and China, many other developed countries would also experience significant losses. Examples include the United Kingdom and Japan, which would lose $3 billion and $2.7 billion, respectively, in the scenario of a world without internet for a day. Economic impacts are primarily felt in developed countries in Europe, America, and parts of East Asia. The effect of a day without internet is less pronounced in regions like Asia, Africa, and South America.