Nov 14, 2023 690

Commission-free money transfers started with Turan to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC and Uzbekistan


Turan announced that it allows money transfer from Turkey to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, TRNC and Uzbekistan without any commission fees.

Turan has announced the facilitation of commission-free money transfers from Turkey to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC), and Uzbekistan. Turan, which has digitalized the process of money transfer among Central Asian countries, initiated its first country expansion with Azerbaijan in February.

Turan, easing various financial transactions for Turkish compatriots residing in Turkey, continues to digitize the process of transferring money to their respective countries. Following the Azerbaijan expansion, the company rapidly increased the international money transfer volume to millions of liras and has now added other Turkish States to its digital money transfer network. As of today, Turan users can transfer money to all banks in Azerbaijan in seconds and, in addition, initiate commission-free transfers to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, KKTC, and Uzbekistan. With this move, Turan has successfully accomplished a significant step in its mission to establish a money transfer corridor among Turkish States.

Never before has transferring money from Turkey to Turkish States been so cost-effective, fast, and easy as it is with Turan. Speaking about Turan's opening to Turkish States, the Founder of Turan, Özgür Bayraktar, stated, "Our sole motivation on the path we embarked on with Turan, in line with İsmail Gaspıralı's mission of unity in language, thought, and work, was to increase the financial opportunities of our compatriots living in our country and make the process of transferring money to their own countries similar to transferring money within Europe. Now, we are experiencing the joy of realizing this dream. Turan has become the only financial application that can offer solutions in the native languages of Azerbaijani Turks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkish Cypriots, and Uzbeks living in Turkey. Throughout this process, we have engaged in a comprehensive integration process with our partner United Payment and Payporter."

Furthermore, the company announced its plans to provide a special wallet for all users in Azerbaijan by 2024, aiming to enable zero-cost wallet-to-wallet money transfers between Turkey and Azerbaijan.