Nov 14, 2023 846

ChatGPT continues to be one of the fastest-growing services ever

#Artificial Intelligence

In less than a year, it’s hit 100 million weekly users, and over 2 million developers are currently building on the company’s API, including the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed at the inaugural developer conference that ChatGPT has amassed a weekly user base of 100 million people since introducing its ChatGPT and Whisper models via API in March. Additionally, the company reported over two million developers using its models, with more than 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies among them. These figures underline the considerable adoption and popularity of OpenAI's language models.

The announcement coincided with the introduction of new features, including a platform enabling the creation of customized versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks and GPT-4 Turbo, a model with knowledge of world events up to April 2023, capable of handling extensive text prompts equivalent to over 300 pages.

ChatGPT achieved remarkable growth as a consumer internet app since its launch nearly a year ago, with an estimated 100 million monthly users within two months. Comparatively, other major platforms took considerably longer to reach the same user milestone; Facebook and Twitter, for example, took several years to reach 100 million users.

While Meta’s Threads surpassed ChatGPT in acquiring 100 million users within a week of its July launch, it seems to have experienced a decline in usage since then, reporting just under 100 million monthly active users as of October. Regardless, ChatGPT remains immensely popular, achieving significant milestones in a relatively short period.

OpenAI's decision to disclose these figures appears to counter recent media reports suggesting a decline in ChatGPT's popularity since its launch in November of the previous year. This official data from OpenAI serves as a direct response to dispel such claims and reinforce the continued success and usage of ChatGPT.