Nov 14, 2023 818

Redbox Continues


Our latest cohort is making remarkable strides in addressing challenges and honing in on their target audience. Their recent emphasis on problem exploration and audience segmentation, coupled with proactive engagement with potential customers, underscores the commitment to ensuring their solutions perfectly align with real-world needs. The journey is proving both exciting and promising.

Our latest group has been diligently advancing in their endeavor, specifically concentrating on tackling challenges and pinpointing their target demographic. This message serves as an update on the progress made by our new cohort, which, as previously communicated, has embarked on an exciting journey, with recent activities proving particularly engaging.

Over the last few weeks, the cohort has primarily focused on the "Problem and Segmentation" phase. During this stage, they have extensively delved into the issues they intend to address while precisely identifying the audience that stands to gain from their proposed solutions.

A notable highlight during this period involves their active engagement with potential customers. Through a series of interviews, they have been diligently validating their concepts, ensuring that these ideas align seamlessly with the specific needs of their identified target audience.