Dec 04, 2023 873

Azerbaijani startups were presented at the WebSummit event in Lisbon!


WebSummit event took place again this year in Lisbon, Portugal . It should be noted that more than 70 thousand viewers participated in this year's event.

In a landmark event, WebSummit, the renowned global technology conference, returned to Lisbon, Portugal, this year with a record-breaking attendance of over 70,000 participants. Notably, this edition of WebSummit set a new record in its history by featuring an impressive showcase of 2,600 startups, indicating the growing vibrancy of the global startup ecosystem. Among these startups, nearly one-third were founded by women, hailing from over 85 countries, including unique entries from Trinidad and Tobago, Liechtenstein, Peru, and Ghana. As a consistent participant, Tedroid Media is actively engaged in this annual event, eagerly awaited by millions of viewers and hosting thousands of startups.

Tedroid Media is proud to be a part of WebSummit, a platform that continually pushes the boundaries of innovation and showcases the rich diversity within the startup community. The record-breaking attendance and global representation emphasize the event's significance in fostering international collaboration and highlighting the entrepreneurial talent worldwide. The inclusion of startups from Azerbaijan, featured in a dedicated pavilion with the support of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and Pasha Holding, adds a unique dimension to the global startup landscape. Furthermore, the active participation of Azerbaijani startups like E-point and Beep in the 500Global Demo Day contributes significantly to raising the profile of Azerbaijan's innovation on the international stage.

This year's WebSummit, held in Lisbon, continued a tradition that began in 2009, evolving from a conference with 150 participants into a global phenomenon. Over the years, WebSummit has been hosted in different countries and cities, attracting over 908,000 visitors and featuring presentations from more than 32,000 startups. The event not only showcases startups but also hosts speakers with diverse experiences across technology and other fields.

In a significant development, the WebSummit event in Lisbon witnessed the creation of a pavilion dedicated to Azerbaijani startups, supported by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and Pasha Holding. Startups such as E-point and Beep from Azerbaijan showcased their innovations at the 500Global Demo Day, marking a positive stride in the global recognition of Azerbaijani entrepreneurial endeavors. The participation of Azerbaijani startups in various international accelerators has contributed to their recognition on the global stage.