Dec 06, 2023 1043

Kickbox: Successful Demo Day Highlights


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November 23rd marked a significant milestone in the KICKBOX program at Sabah.hub, as it hosted the internal Bluebox Demo Day. This event shone a spotlight on five promising startups - iCheck, NutBank, Doctoro, Matrasalti, and Wallet To Wallet. Each brought to the table their unique visions, innovative solutions, and their current progress.

They made pitch presentations to an audience comprising sponsors from various Strategic Assets of the PASHA Group.

The following day, November 24th, further ignited the spark of creativity with the Solution Design Workshop for redboxers, guiding them in crafting compelling solutions grounded in thorough market research and insightful problem identification interviews.

The results of these efforts will be witnessed in early February when both the redbox and bluebox teams converge to showcase their progress and potential to the innovation sponsors at Demo Day.

It's just the beginning for many aspiring entrepreneurs out there. We are excited to announce that the application process for Kickbox Cohort I 2024 is now open! Until December 24th, individuals with bright business ideas are encouraged to step forward and submit their proposals.

This is more than just an opportunity; it's a call to action for anyone harboring a dream to make a mark in the business world. Regardless of what your idea is, Kickbox Cohort I offers a platform to bring it to life.

So, if you have an idea that you believe can make a difference or disrupt the market, now is your time. Let KICKBOX be the catalyst to turn your vision into reality. Remember, the deadline is December 24th - a chance like this doesn’t come around often. We might be celebrating your success at the next big event!