Feb 14, 2024 808

Redbox Cohort 3 had their DemoDay

During the demoday on February 12, startups from the latest Kickbox cohort pitched their ideas to a jury panel, with Himate advancing to the next stage and distinguished mentors being recognized for their contributions.

On February 12, The demoday of The latest cohort of Kickbox happened. 6 Teams presented their ideas in front of the jury. Sponsors from different SAs evaluated the startups, made decisions on investment, and passed them to Bluebox.

Himate made it through the demo day and received their blue box at the spot. Meanwhile, ChancePay, Platformium, and Bahoo received a chance to negotiate possible investments with sponsors.

At the DemoDay, distinguished mentors in cohort 3 were also nominated. Ramiz Alili, Huseyn Mahmudov, Elvin Alizada, Ruslan Alakbarov, and Orkhan Abbasov were awarded for their significant contribution to the program in 2023.