Feb 29, 2024 560

Revolut launches eSIM


a seamless way to avoid unexpected roaming charges

Revolut has unveiled its eSIM feature, a groundbreaking solution aimed at helping customers avoid unexpected roaming charges while accessing data plans in over 100 countries. As the first financial institution in the UK to introduce eSIM, Revolut offers a seamless digital installation process, allowing users to effortlessly top up their data plans directly within the Revolut app.

For UK customers, this means easy access to a single eSIM that can be installed digitally and used alongside a physical SIM card, providing flexibility for frequent travelers. The introduction of eSIM coincides with exclusive benefits for Revolut Ultra plan subscribers, who now have access to 3GB of global data each month. Additionally, all UK customers will receive an introductory offer of 100MB of mobile data at no cost, redeemable by May 1, 2024.

The launch of eSIM not only simplifies data access for travelers but also underscores Revolut's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences. With the eSIM feature, customers can roam like a local, enjoying uninterrupted connectivity and peace of mind without worrying about exorbitant roaming charges, making it a game-changer for travelers seeking seamless connectivity and convenience during their journeys.