Apr 18, 2023 561

The registration process for 500 Global is currently underway.

Registration is still open for 500 Global, one of the world's top startup accelerators. Startups in the 500 Global acceleration program gain all the necessary skills to grow and develop. Startups that join the program can expand their scale 5-10 times.

An acceleration program for the Azerbaijan region is being held in Georgia, and a record number of Azerbaijani startups have been admitted to the latest program. Upon completion, participating startups are eligible to receive a $100,000 investment. Registration for the program is currently open, providing an opportunity for startups to develop their businesses.

500 Global, a global venture capital firm established in 2010, invests in early-stage technology startups with high growth potential. Over the years, the firm has supported more than 5,000 founders from 81 countries, enabling the creation of more than 2,600 companies. Its portfolio boasts 45 companies valued at over $1 billion and more than 130 companies valued at over $100 million. 500 Global collaborates with stakeholders, advises governments and corporations, and assists in building entrepreneurial ecosystems for rapid startup growth. Notably, the 500 Startups acceleration program will be rebranded as 500 Global starting from September 2021.