Mar 12, 2024 464

"PointAI, which offers artificial intelligence-supported e-commerce solutions, received investment in the round attended by DOMiNO Ventures"


Uzbekistan-based PointAI received its first investment from DOMiNO Ventures, PLUG&PLAY and Aloqa Ventures.

PointAI, based in Uzbekistan, received its first investment from DOMiNO Ventures, as well as PLUG&PLAY and Aloqa Ventures. The financial details of the investment were not disclosed. Founded in 2023 by Azamat Khamidov and Aslkhon Khoshimkhujaev in Uzbekistan, PointAI offers AI-powered e-commerce solutions that provide a 70% cost advantage to customer experience teams through automation and achieve a 94% customer satisfaction rating, while also offering a potential annual savings of $100,000.

With its AI solution, PointAI automates standard question patterns to increase efficiency and helps teams create personalized, high-quality customer experiences on a large scale without any additional cost. PointAI Co-pilot is specially designed to automate repetitive tasks of customer experience teams, allowing them to focus on complex issues and allocate time to provide highly personalized customer services. Azamat Khamidov, Co-founder of PointAI, stated, "Our goal at PointAI is to provide innovative AI-powered solutions tailored to the needs of e-commerce companies and increase customer satisfaction. With this investment, PointAI will continue to grow and strengthen its position in new markets."

Mustafa Kopuk, Managing Partner of DOMiNO Ventures, commented on their second investment in Central Asia, saying, "The vibrant startup ecosystem in Central Asia offers exciting opportunities for growth. The success of PointAI reflects the potential of the region's entrepreneurs to create value. By supporting ventures with growth potential in the global market, we will continue to contribute to the development of the startup ecosystem."