Mar 12, 2024 499

Azerbaijani startup Reluxe is starting to operate in Georgia!


Reluxe, an Azerbaijani startup, has been operating in Georgia since April of this year.

The Azerbaijani startup ecosystem continues to evolve. This time, the next-generation wardrobe Reluxe, which allows people to buy, sell, and discover clothing from luxury fashion brands, is expanding its scope. It's worth noting that Reluxe, an Azerbaijani startup, will start operating in Georgia from April of this year.

Reluxe in Georgia Starting from April, the startup will offer its services in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, allowing users to buy, sell, and rent luxury clothing at the most suitable prices. For this purpose, a section called "Early Access" has already been created on the platform for users from Georgia. The Reluxe startup has announced, "Considering the significant interest in the Reluxe platform from neighboring countries, with already over 10,000 users in Azerbaijan in less than 2 years, our founders plan to launch the product first in Georgia and then expand to the Turkish and European markets."

Overall, ABB Innovation, Lotfi Zadeh Technology Center (LTC), and SABAH.HUB have played a significant role in supporting and collaborating with the Reluxe team on this journey. We hope that the Azerbaijani ecosystem will continue to develop in the future and expand into global markets.