Apr 02, 2024 744

Kidsbox - Entrepreneurship for Kids had its first session!

The highly anticipated program has finally had its first colorful session!

As an initiative from the Innovations Department, the anticipated entrepreneurship program named KIdsbox has started. The program helps kids aged 8-15 to grasp the fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurship with practical application.

The overall Duration is 10 weeks and the program's last day will be June 1st, International Kids Day. The first lecture was dedicated to igniting kids' Creativity. Future entrepreneurs had a chance to show their extensive imagination to create new inventions using limited items.

Through Kidsbox, young minds are not only introduced to the world of entrepreneurship but are also provided with a platform to explore their potential and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. With practical applications and interactive sessions, the program aims to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers.