Apr 15, 2024 471

Amazon gives up on no-checkout shopping in its large grocery stores


The company will try letting customers scan while they shop, instead.

Amazon is shifting away from its Just Walk Out program in favor of Dash Carts, where customers scan products as they shop. This change comes as the company plans to expand its Amazon Fresh locations later this year and aims to enhance its brick-and-mortar grocery stores.

While Amazon will discontinue the Just Walk Out program in larger stores, it will still maintain it in smaller corner stores and UK groceries. This move marks a shift in the company's approach to in-person retail, as it looks for more efficient and user-friendly solutions.

The decision to transition to Dash Carts reflects Amazon's efforts to streamline the checkout process and provide customers with a more convenient shopping experience. Although self-checkout technology has its challenges, Amazon's move suggests a commitment to exploring innovative solutions to meet evolving consumer needs.