Apr 16, 2024 761

Innovation Day is happening on April 29; get your seat now!


The Bestseller Innovation Expert and Stanford Business Lecturerer are going to teach you the Psychology of Innovation!

The Next Innovation Day is going to be on April 29. Here are the Information About our speakers:

Felix Hofmann, an innovation expert, YouTuber, and entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience to the table. As the former CEO of BMI Lab, affiliated with the University of St. Gallen, he specialized in guiding companies towards innovative business models. Throughout his career, he has facilitated workshops, provided guidance to major European corporations, and co-founded successful ventures like PaperC and FIVE. With a Business Innovation M.A. from the University of St. Gallen, Felix is passionate about understanding the psychology behind innovation success, emphasizing the importance of nurturing creativity and fostering a culture of risk-taking within organizations.

Dan Klein, Stanford University's improvisation instructor, stands at the forefront of interdisciplinary education. Named Stanford Teacher of the Year in 2009, he teaches improvisation across various departments, including drama, business, and design. Collaborating with Professor Deb Gruenfeld at Stanford GSB, he co-teaches "Acting With Power" to explore status behaviors for organizational effectiveness. His influence extends globally, leading workshops for programs like IMD Business School's High Performance Leadership and partnering with Stanford's Carol Dweck on interactive workshops about mindset research. With a client list featuring industry giants like Cisco, Oracle, and Nestle, Dan continues to redefine education and innovation across diverse fields.