Apr 18, 2023 1113

Application for 2nd Cohort of KickBox Program is Underway!


Are you ready to take charge of your future and make your business dreams a reality? If so, we have some exciting news for you! The second cohort of our intrapreneurship program, KickBox 2.0, is now open for submissions!

KickBox 2.0 program comprises four cohorts, with the second cohort's submission process already underway effective March 1 by May 7. The subsequent idea submission periods will commence in July and October respectively.

KickBox 2.0 is a unique opportunity for you to bring your innovative ideas to life and become the CEO of your own venture. We believe that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur, and that's why we're offering this program to all PASHA Group employees.

Following the idea submission phase, there will be a 12 week RedBox journey, followed by a 6 month BlueBox journey, as per the cohort's KickBox Timeline. Ideas, that successfully pass the Innovation Board's assessment, will advance to the 12 week RedBox journey. During this phase, the owners will go through an immersive program that includes 5 workshops and 5 catch-ups that are scheduled for every Friday.

During the first workshop (Segment Definition and Problem Validation), you will learn how to define your target customer segment, identify their needs and problems, and validate your solution with them. You will also have the opportunity to work with your team members and coaches to refine your ideas, receive valuable feedback, and prepare for the upcoming pitch presentations.

During the third workshop (Solution Design), you will be designing your solution. In this workshop, you will be refining and testing your initial ideas and developing a solid solution for the problem you have identified. As always, our dedicated coaches will be there to support you every step of the way.

In the second workshop, you will work with your team members and coaches to develop a deep understanding of your target market and customer needs. You will learn how to gather and analyze data to make informed decisions about your product or service, and you will have the opportunity to refine your business idea based on market insights.

The next workshop is Economy Model in which you'll learn how to develop a robust business model, explore different revenue streams, and analyze your financial projections. You'll also get the chance to work closely with your team members and mentors to refine your ideas and develop a winning strategy.

During the last workshop (Pitch Presentation) you will be taught the key elements of successful pitching in front of innovation sponsors.

At the end of the RedBox journey, the idea owners will pitch their ideas to sponsors during the Demo Day with the aim of receiving an investment to test POC during the BlueBox phase. Once the idea owners successfully secure investment from Innovation Sponsors, they will embark on a six-month BlueBox journey (Pilot phase). The main objective of this phase is to validate their idea through a proof-of-concept (POC) and demonstrate the actual results of POC execution within a real-life business environment. During the BlueBox phase, project owners will immerse into a 6-months POC journey where they will learn how to build and test their products.

At the end of the BlueBox journey, the project owners will again pitch their ideas to the Innovation Sponsors at the GoldBox Demo Day to prove the potential of their projects through the demonstration of POC execution results with the aim to receive larger investments. This will be an opportunity for them to become the CEOs of their ideas and make their projects live in the real business world. Whether you've been dreaming of starting your own company for years or just have a new idea that you're excited to explore, KickBox provides the tools, resources, and support you need to turn your vision into a successful business.

So don't wait any longer! Submit your business idea today and take the first step toward becoming a successful entrepreneur. We can't wait to see the amazing ideas that come out of this program and watch our colleagues achieve their dreams.