Apr 20, 2023 571

Startups that received the most investment last week

Eight global startups received the most investments last week.

1. Macro - Macro is a global media platform that deals with motivational universal topics. The startup received an investment of $90 million last week.

2. Rapport Therapeutics - Rapport Therapeutics, which received an investment of $100 million, is engaged in the production of special medical preparations for neurological diseases.

3. Humane - Humane, an artificial intelligence startup created by former Apple employees, received $100 million in investment. It is a platform that creates and sells consumer hardware, software, and services.

4. Bicara Therapeutics - a startup that received $108 million in investment develops therapies for the treatment of cancer.

5. Consensus - Consensus, which received a $110 million investment last week, offers an automation platform for software services.

6. SOCI - A start-up offering a marketing platform to big brand companies has received $120 million in investment.

7. Palmetto - Palmetto, which received a $150 million investment, is making it more affordable and accessible for homeowners to use renewable energies like solar power.

8. Anthropic - Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup co-founded by former OpenAI employees, has received $300 million in investment.