May 01, 2024 541

Getir is withdrawing from European and US markets! What happened Getir's journey?


Pandemi's favorite start-up will focus on Turkey from now on

Online shopping and fast delivery startup Getir has announced its withdrawal from the European and US markets. It's noted that these markets account for approximately 7% of the company's revenue. The company's statement announcing its decision to exit the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US emphasized that Getir will now focus on its main market, Turkey, where it sees the greatest potential for long-term sustainable growth..

While Getir will be exiting several international markets, its subsidiary FreshDirect in the US, acquired by Getir last November, will continue its operations. The company has also secured new funding from G Squared and Mubadala, which it plans to utilize to enhance its competitiveness in Turkey. Founder Nazım Salur shared the news of the withdrawal on his social media account, expressing gratitude to all those involved in the journey.

Getir's decision to focus on its domestic market aligns with its restructuring efforts to streamline operations primarily in Turkey. As the company narrows its focus, it aims to strengthen its presence in the Turkish market. Meanwhile, German media reported that Getir is preparing to withdraw from Germany after acquiring its competitor Gorillas nearly a year and a half ago