May 14, 2024 518

"digital.login" single login system makes digital services accessible to citizens!


"The Agency for Innovation and Digital Development launched a new improved version of the ""digital.login"" platform, a unified access system to digital services under the ""digital.azerbaijan"" brand."

The establishment of digital government mechanisms based on citizen-centric solutions plays a crucial role in the development of the startup ecosystem in our country. As part of this approach, the Innovation and Digital Development Agency has launched an enhanced new version of the unified access system for digital services under the "digital.azerbaijan" brand, called the "digital.login" platform.

In this version, "digital.login" offers two main functionalities for the convenience of citizens. Firstly, citizens gain access to more than 140 integrated portals through a unified login method, ensuring ease of use. Another significant feature is the ability for citizens to manage consent for the use of their personal information by institutions. It's worth noting that citizens can already utilize this functionality on the "myGov" portal.

"Digital.login" optimizes the user experience not only for physical individuals (citizens) but also for legal entities. By managing consent from the citizen's side, institutions can easily query the required information based on citizen consent. These functionalities open up new avenues for efficiency and satisfaction in state-citizen relations. Additionally, "digital.login" simplifies and enhances security in the authentication process, thereby optimizing access to various digital service portals and increasing citizen satisfaction.

It's important to mention that "digital.login" is accessible to Azerbaijani citizens aged 16 and above, including legal entities. Currently, there are 3.3 million "digital.login" accounts in the country, with integration with 146 portals nationwide, indicating ongoing improvements in this direction.