May 14, 2024 519

"Apple nears deal with OpenAI to power upcoming iPhone features with ChatGPT, says Bloomberg"


After also talking to Google about AI tech for iOS 18, Apple has closed in on an agreement with OpenAI.

Apple is reportedly nearing a partnership deal with OpenAI to utilize ChatGPT for upcoming iPhone features, as per Bloomberg. This collaboration is expected to be showcased during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month, offering a glimpse into the synergy between the two companies.

Mark Gurman, speaking with sources familiar with the matter, revealed that Apple initially engaged in talks with OpenAI to integrate the startup's technology into future iPhone AI features. These discussions have progressed, bringing the two entities closer to a formal partnership.

While Apple was exploring options with Google, particularly regarding licensing Gemini for various iPhone services, no concrete agreement has been reached yet. Nonetheless, discussions between the two tech giants are ongoing, as reported by Gurman.

The potential partnership with OpenAI aligns with Apple's strategy to enhance its AI capabilities, especially as it prepares for the release of iOS 18, expected to be announced during WWDC on June 10. With OpenAI's ChatGPT likely integrated into iOS features like iMessage, FaceTime, and Siri, users can anticipate a more sophisticated AI experience on their iPhones.