May 28, 2024 398

ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue saw its biggest spike yet following GPT-4o launch


"For its first week, however, mobile users were being pushed to upgrade to ChatGPT’s $19.99 monthly subscription, ChatGPT Plus, if they wanted to experiment with OpenAI’s most recent launch."

Appfigures data shows that the ChatGPT mobile app’s net revenue jumped 22% on the day of GPT-4o’s release and continued to grow, culminating in $4.2 million in net revenue from May 13 to 17. This surge reflects significant consumer interest in exploring new AI capabilities, even at a higher cost than services like Netflix. The majority of this revenue came from Apple’s App Store, with the U.S. leading in market contribution, followed by countries like Germany, the U.K., and Japan.

Consumer demand for the latest AI technology is surging with the launch of OpenAI’s GPT-4o, which has driven record revenue on mobile platforms. Despite being freely available on the web, GPT-4o's ability to handle text, speech, and video, coupled with real-time responsiveness and emotive voice options, has pushed more users to upgrade to OpenAI’s $19.99 monthly subscription, ChatGPT Plus. This strategic move has resulted in the biggest-ever revenue spike for OpenAI on mobile devices, with net revenue reaching $900,000 on the day of the launch.

The sustained increase in revenue highlights the strong and growing consumer demand for cutting-edge AI technology on mobile devices. This trend indicates a robust market interest, suggesting that OpenAI’s strategic decisions to leverage new AI features for premium subscriptions are paying off significantly. As the data suggests, the revenue trend for GPT-4o on mobile is expected to continue its upward trajectory.