May 28, 2024 745

Leyla Orujova has raised 25 000 USD for her Goldbox Startup I-check!


Congratulations to iCheck, founded by Leyla Orujzade, for raising $25K USD to enhance its mobile medical guidance platform and expand its innovative healthcare services.

We commend Leyla Orujzade and the iCheck team for their dedication and innovation in the medical technology field.

We are thrilled to announce that iCheck, a groundbreaking mobile medical guidance startup, has successfully raised $25K USD. Founded by the innovative Leyla Orujzade, iCheck is part of the AIvolution accelerator program, which supports startups in AI and Web3.

iCheck provides users with medical guidance and doctor recommendations, revolutionizing the way we access healthcare information. This funding will enable iCheck to enhance its platform, expand its services, and continue its mission of improving healthcare accessibility.