Jun 12, 2024 446

Kidsbox Demoday took place on International Kids Day!


Mini-entrepreneurs pitched their ideas, showed their prototype and had lots of fun!

On June 1, 2024, PAŞA Holding's Innovation team organized the "KIDSBOX" Demo Day as part of the "Entrepreneurs of Our Future" program. This 10-week entrepreneurship journey allowed children to develop their innovative ideas and present them to a jury. Twenty participants aged 8-15 transformed their ideas into business concepts and learned to create initial prototypes. The "KIDSBOX" journey covered topics such as idea generation, problem and market segment identification, market analysis, solution development, marketing, branding, sales, business modeling, presentation skills, project development, and testing.

The "KIDSBOX" program is an exciting journey that teaches children to explore their interests, develop skills, understand business processes, and gain confidence, creativity, and courage. On Demo Day, eight talented young teams presented their projects, demonstrating their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The first place was awarded to "Kids Planet," a platform allowing children to sell handmade crafts online and earn money. "Happy Shop," which simplifies the gift-giving process through personalized gift boxes based on the buyer's choices, took second place. The third place went to "Katakomba," a unique concept providing comfortable, disposable, and recyclable containers for pet owners and stray cat feeders.