Jun 12, 2024 906

The last Redbox Demoday broke a record: All pitching teams passed to Bluebox stage!


On June 11, The latest Redobox cohort had their demoday. All 4 teams have passed to the next phase Bluebox.

The latest demo day event showcased innovative pitches from four burgeoning startup teams: TopDone, Foody, Apartment Management System, and ChurnVision. Each team presented their business concepts in a tightly timed 5-minute pitch, followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer session with the event's sponsors. This unique opportunity allowed them to not only present their ideas but also engage directly with potential investors and receive immediate feedback.

Additionally, the event featured stands where teams could interact more informally with sponsors, gaining valuable insights to refine their pitches and business models. This installment of the demo day was part of the larger RedBox'24 Cohort 1 program, which has seen 23 teams across more than ten verticals participate in 15 intensive workshops and over 60 hours of mentorship. The program emphasizes design thinking, hypothesis development, and the ability to learn from rapid experimentation, preparing startups for the challenging yet dynamic world of tech entrepreneurship.