Jul 11, 2024 368

An agreement on the production of electric buses was signed in Azerbaijan!


"A Framework Agreement was signed with China's ""BYD Company Limited"" (BYD) in order to provide the bus fleet in Azerbaijan at the expense of local production."

Azerbaijan has signed a framework agreement with China's "BYD Company Limited" to ensure the local production of bus fleets, a move facilitated by Azerbaijan's Deputy Prime Minister Shahin Mustafayev during a high-level meeting. The agreement is a stride toward enhancing the national infrastructure for electric transport, aimed at boosting passenger convenience, minimizing environmental harm, and improving the country's ecological state.

The collaboration includes plans to establish new manufacturing facilities and localize production by 2025, with aspirations to reduce reliance on imported bus parts and improve the overall sustainability of transportation in Azerbaijan. The framework will involve investments to set up production capabilities for electric buses and related components, advancing Azerbaijan's capabilities in the electric vehicle sector.

Additionally, this agreement marks a significant step ahead of Azerbaijan's hosting of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 29), showcasing the country's commitment to combating climate change through innovative partnerships and technology integration. This partnership with BYD is set to elevate Azerbaijan’s position in regional eco-friendly initiatives and transport modernization.