Jul 11, 2024 367

Amazon will pour $100 billion into data centers for artificial intelligence!


"Amazon, which has become a 2 trillion dollar company for the first time in its history, wants to reinforce its growth with artificial intelligence. The company plans to spend $100 billion on artificial intelligence data centers."

Amazon is set to invest over $100 billion in the next decade to significantly expand its data centers, marking a strategic shift towards supporting advanced AI technologies. This expansion, dubbed the "era of great expansion," will involve building numerous new facilities to handle the growing demands of AI data processing and storage.

The initiative by Amazon AWS aims to solidify its leadership in cloud services by increasing its server capacity, which is essential for running sophisticated AI applications. This includes partnerships with server manufacturers like Quanta, Wiwynn, and Inventic, enhancing their production capacities to meet AWS's demand.

The expansion is in response to the increased need for high-speed data transmission and advanced optical modules within AI data centers. Amazon's move reflects a broader industry trend where major tech companies are significantly boosting infrastructure to harness the potential of AI, positioning AWS to meet future demands effectively.