May 03, 2023 642

PASHA Holding has formed a partnership with Trendyol to enhance the development of e-commerce within the country.


Trendyol, the foremost e-commerce platform in Turkey and one of the largest technology firms in Europe, has entered into an agreement with PASHA Holding, the top conglomerate in Azerbaijan. Under the terms of the agreement, both entities will collaborate to deliver e-commerce services in Azerbaijan.

According to Çağlayan Çetin, the President of Trendyol Group, the partnership between PASHA Holding and Trendyol will result in a beneficial collaboration that combines PASHA's expertise in the Azerbaijani market and Trendyol's experience in technology, logistics, and production. This synergy is expected to significantly contribute to the development of e-commerce in Azerbaijan, and Çetin is optimistic about the partnership's success. Meanwhile, Jalal Gasimov, the CEO of PASHA Holding, has noted that there has been a notable demand for Trendyol's products and services in Azerbaijan. With this partnership, PASHA Holding aims to expand its activities in the digital retail sector and facilitate the sharing of e-commerce knowledge between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Jalal Gasimov also highlighted the significance of the new opportunities that this collaboration will bring to Azerbaijan's market. He noted that there is a considerable interest in e-commerce in the country because of its convenience, vast product selection, and competitive pricing. Through this partnership, customers can enjoy a better shopping experience, with easier access to a wider range of products at more affordable prices. Furthermore, the platform will include other financial services and loyalty programs provided by companies in Azerbaijan, which will improve overall financial well-being. This partnership will also contribute to the development of technology and logistics in the country, resulting in better domestic delivery services, job creation, and increased foreign investments in Azerbaijan, Gasimov added.

Caglayan Chetin, the President of Trendyol Group, has stated that the strategic partnership with PASHA Holding will increase joint synergies between the two companies. After the infrastructure is completed, the partnership will commence operations in Azerbaijan. Chetin also noted that Azerbaijan was the top country for international orders placed on Trendyol last year, and the Trendyol app was the most downloaded app in Azerbaijan in 2022. The combination of PASHA Holding's experience in the Azerbaijani market and Trendyol's expertise in technology, logistics, and production is expected to contribute significantly to the development of both companies and the economy of both countries. The platform will bring together producers, sellers, and customers from both Turkey and Azerbaijan, creating the first ecosystem serving the interests of both nations. Chetin believes that this strategic partnership will be successful and have a positive impact on Azerbaijan's economy. He added that this initiative will strengthen cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan by facilitating cross-border trade and promoting economic growth in the region.

Trendyol and PASHA Holding have reached an agreement to create a joint company that will offer e-commerce services in Azerbaijan.

Established in 2010, Trendyol is the largest e-commerce platform in Turkey and one of the largest technology companies in Europe. The company comprises several subsidiaries, including R&D centers, Trendyol Tech, Trendyol Express, Trendyol Go, and Dolap, as well as Turkey's fastest logistics and delivery networks. Through trendyol.com/de (for German customers) and trendyol.com/en, Trendyol connects Turkish manufacturers with 27 European countries. The company also facilitates exports by enabling local manufacturers to sell to more than 100 countries worldwide. In Azerbaijan, Trendyol will serve customers directly through its platform.