May 16, 2023 907

Ignite Your Potential: Apply Now for the KickBox Program's 3rd Cohort and Make Your Business Dreams a Reality!


Are you ready to seize the opportunity to bring your business ideas to life? We're thrilled to announce that the application period for the highly anticipated 3rd Cohort of our renowned KickBox Program is about to begin.

Don't let your innovative ideas wait any longer! Starting May 24, you can submit your business proposals and pave the way for an extraordinary future. Whether you've been nurturing a brilliant concept or have recently sparked a new entrepreneurial flame, this is your chance to shine.

Unlock your untapped potential and embark on a transformative journey with KickBox 2.0. Our intrapreneurship initiative is designed to empower you, providing the tools and guidance to turn your dreams into reality. Take charge of your career trajectory and set the stage for success.

The application process will be open until August 24, giving you ample time to refine your ideas and submit your proposals. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity! Demonstrate your entrepreneurial prowess and submit your business ideas before the deadline.

Let's make magic happen together! Submit your application and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar. The future is in your hands.