May 16, 2023 579

The MagicPort initiative created by Azerbaijanis can reduce traffic congestion in Singapore by 20%!


MagicPort, a marine technology startup founded by talented individuals from Azerbaijan, has been chosen as a prominent partner for an esteemed environmental initiative in Singapore. Ali Gara, the founder and CEO of MagicPort, has officially confirmed this exciting news. During a significant gathering held in Singapore, the project witnessed the addition of 11 new members, further strengthening its mission. Notably, the Project Group is comprised of influential shipping companies including PaxOcean, PCL, and POSH, and is spearheaded by the esteemed Kuok Shipping group. This partnership marks a significant milestone for MagicPort and reinforces their commitment to making a positive impact in the realm of marine technology and environmental conservation.

MagicPort is dedicated to revolutionizing maritime operations through a cutting-edge digital platform. Their goal is to seamlessly connect all stakeholders involved in maritime transport, including ship owners, managers, suppliers, agents, and seafarers. By offering an integrated and intelligent suite of applications, MagicPort empowers these participants to access vital information and collaborate effectively.

Backed by global venture capital funds and esteemed foreign shipping companies, MagicPort has garnered significant support and recognition within the industry. Their innovative approach and commitment to advancing maritime technology have positioned them as a formidable force driving transformation in the sector. With MagicPort's digital platform, the future of smart and reliable maritime transport is within reach, bringing enhanced efficiency and connectivity to the entire ecosystem.