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KICKBOX: Cohort I Demo Day was held in 31 May 2023


The upgraded KICKBOX 2.0 started in January 2023, and the three-month journey for Cohort I Redbox took place from March to May.

The upgraded KICKBOX 2.0 commenced in January 2023, and the three-month journey for Cohort I Redbox took place from March to May. Initially, Cohort I started with 11 projects, but only 2 projects successfully advanced to the Cohort I Demo Day on May 31, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. During the Demo Day, the project teams delivered pitch presentations with the goal of progressing to the Bluebox phase. The two projects that made it to this stage were as follows:

1. Matrasalti Moneybox – Israfil Iskandarov (Kapital Bank) 2. Everybody Can Be Chef – Alexandr Kolesov (Competo)

Following the event, Zaur Izmayilov (PASHA Life Insurance) presented the Proof of Concept for Bluebox – Dtech Digital Learning Center. His aim was to move to the Goldbox phase and become the CEO of his idea.

Let's take a closer look at the projects:

1. Matrasalti: MatrasAlti is designed to enhance financial literacy and help users save money for desired holidays, new technology, and more. The app creates a personalized piggy bank, automatically adding a small percentage of the user's money on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Additionally, the app provides daily tips and tricks to improve financial literacy.

2. Everybody Can Be Chef: This project seeks to simplify cooking for busy individuals by diversifying their weekly menus and turning the cooking experience into an enjoyable game, without compromising the quality of the dishes.

3. Dtech Digital Learning Center: The project aims to develop digital e-learning courses to offer interactive and flexible training for employees, enabling them to adapt quickly to their job responsibilities. The team plans to create various types of digital content, including electronic courses, video courses, video instructions, podcasts, interactive cases and quizzes, as well as FAQ and e-books. In the future, they aim to incorporate modern 3D and virtual reality technologies, and offer general business topics to local and foreign companies for sales purposes.

The project teams have devoted considerable effort and energy to validate their ideas and prove their concepts. With the support of mentors, they prepared their Pitch Deck Presentations to impress Innovation Sponsors and secure investment.

We are delighted to announce that Matrasalti has successfully received an investment of AZN 2,720 from sponsors, enabling it to progress to the next stage – the Bluebox Phase. Furthermore, the Dtech Digital Learning Center project has received an investment commitment from innovation sponsors, with the objective of advancing to the final stage – the Goldbox Phase. Negotiations are currently underway between the idea owners and sponsors for the Bluebox and Goldbox stages.

As a reminder, in 2023, KICKBOX received a total of 56 ideas, out of which 16 were approved for the Redbox stage, and 1 was approved for the Bluebox stage.

It should be noted that the Kickbox project continues in our companies, and any employee can apply to the program with their business idea. All you have to do is enter the Kickbox platform and complete the application form.