Jun 20, 2023 400

Alternatif SuperApp that raised $4.7 million investment, targets Azerbaijani market expansion


Turkey's leading company, Macellan's fintech subsidiary, Alternatif SuperApp, has secured a $4.7 million investment. Apy Ventures, It Valley GDPR, Qinvest Portfolio, Fonangels, and CapitalTurk Holding participated in the investment round, with the company raising $4.7 million in capital. The company is now moving forward with confidence to achieve its growth targets. Interestingly, Alternatif SuperApp plans to enter the Azerbaijani market in the future.

Recalling that Alternatif SuperApp was created by Macellan in 2021, the company's main objective is to digitize various industrial enterprises and offer fintech solutions to customers using the mobile application. These solutions include digital wallets, loyalty programs, CRM, and customer analytics. The application also consolidates digital wallets for B2C customers on a single platform. Alternatif SuperApp has received investment in its first funding round due to the numerous opportunities it offers in the fintech sector.

As mentioned, Alternatif SuperApp plans to enter the Azerbaijani and UAE markets. Göktürk Yetim, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, stated that Alternatif SuperApp will accelerate services for more than 250,000 customers in over 1,300 branches of more than 100 brands. He also noted that this investment will allow the company to reveal its full potential. Initially focusing on expanding its customer base in Turkey, the company aims to launch pilot projects in Azerbaijan and the UAE in the near future.